Is your group looking to host a screening for a church, fundraising event, school or organization?

There are several group screening licenses options for showing the film at your location whether it be a church, theater, civic center or school. The film is available for group screenings in DVD, Blu-Ray and DCPs for theater.

Unites States only. We are in the process of securing international distribution and screenings abroad are not possible at this moment.

PRICING for one screening



Group under 150   $150.00
Group 150-350   $350.00
Group over 350   $500.00


DVD   Purchase at Amazon
To order contact
Blu-Ray   $40.00
DCP (rental)   $90.00


Event Type
Contact Name
Phone or Email
Organization Name
Screening Date

Are you interested in having producers Ann McElhinney or Phelim McAleer at your event?

Email to inquire about availability.


Why do I need a public screening license?
The purchase of a DVD or electronic copy is only for in home use and not for public events.

Is my church covered under CCLI?
Gosnell is not currently part of the licensing for CCLI.

What is a DCP?
DCP is a special hard drive used by most theaters to show the movie. Most theater chains like Regal, Edwards, AMC, Marcus and Cinemark use DCPs to screen the movies. The DCP will be shipped directly to the theater.

Can we sell tickets to the event or use it as a fundraiser?
Yes under the Large Group/Paid Event license you can sell tickets and we encourage you to use the film as a fundraiser.

For information or issues on Group Screenings please contact